Let’s talk about Para sport!




Let’s talk about Para sport!

Paralympians’ podcast aims to get conversation going about the Paralympic Movement

two women take a selfie in a studioCrowley (L) and Holloway hope their podcast can get people talking about Para sport © • InsideParaSport Twitter

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US Paralympians Katie Holloway and Kelly Crowley have had plenty of conversations over coffee about Para sport. From their casual chats grew an idea to get people talking on a wider basis.

In October, the two launched their podcast “Inside Para Sport” as a way to invite other athletes and relevant figures in their discussions about the Paralympic Movement.

“We were fascinated by what was going on in each other’s sports, and also wondering what was going on in, say, track and field, or how was this handled in other team sports?” said Crowley. “We wanted to involve other athletes in our conversations.”

So far they have published five episodes featuring guests including Paralympic cycling champion and current International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Governing Board member Muffy Davis; long jump world champion Lex Gillette and IPC Media and Communications Director Craig Spence. While their schedules do not always line up – Holloway competing on the US sitting volleyball national team and Crowley coaching in Para swimming – they aim to have an episode published every other Tuesday.

“Short-term we just want to better ourselves so that we’re getting better and the message is clear after each episode,” Holloway said. “Long-term, we want to pick up some steam from athletes, getting them engaged in the topics we’re talking about and having those conversations start happening and … having people to talk to and getting those conversations started and putting that content out there for athletes and people involved in the Movement.”

Crowley added that long-term, they hope athletes will come to their podcast when they want to talk about something.

“And we can help push that out. Even if it’s like results to an important qualifier for the Paralympic Games,” Crowley said. “We don’t get that media coverage in the US.”

Starting up a podcast, especially since it is not their profession, was a challenge. But they have learned along the way from other friends who have done podcasts and loaned them a mixer, and even listening to a podcast on how to podcast.

“We started this in January and our first episode came out in [October], so that was interesting and fun, and also frustrating at times. But the interviews themselves and the research that have gone into it have been so much fun,” Holloway said. “I’d say for where we’re at now, I feel really good. But getting through all the set-up phase was frustrating because we thought we’d just want to watch it and get it off the ground. It was clear that it was going to take much longer just to get the audio and the technical right and everything. And once we did, now it’s been smooth sailing.”

While they have a network of connections with US Para athletes, they want to branch out and involve a variety of international athletes, as well as classifiers and Olympians.

“We like to hear from different perspectives and would like to get different people on the show who can provide different dialogue for us,” Holloway said.

Their podcast can be listened at https://www.spreaker.com/show/insideparasport.