Interview with Iranian Women’s Sitting Volleyball coach Fariba Soleimani



TEHRAN (October 22, 2018)

by Rahim Rahimzadeh Asl,Boxscore:  TEHRAN (October 22, 2018) An interview with head coach of Iran Women’s Sitting Volleyball team Mrs Fariba Soleimani. A familiar figure in Iranian volleyball, Soleimani led her squad to a ninth place finish at World Championship in The Netherlands and recently guided Iranian National Sitting Women’s Volleyball Team to for the first Silver Medal in the Paralympic Games of Asian in Jakarta.
In an interview, in order to avoid prolonging the words, I noted just some headline and she gave her views as bellow. I gave my thanks to her.

Preparation for Jakarta Games

For the Para-Asian Championship in Jakarta. We started our preparation work from last month of January 2017. We had seven camps. Among these camps, we participated in the country championship every year, representatives of provinces around the country are present in this championship and women’s leagues’ tournament. Almost with 20 players, we started the camps, and this process continued until the World Cup. Just by finishing the latest camp we went to the World Championship 2018 in the Netherlands. 

This participation in the world Championship was very good for us, it made us ready for the Jakarta tournament. Actually, presence in The Netherlands was equal to several camps for us. Japan and China, both as our Asian rival teams were present at the World Championships. We played there with Japan and defeated them. With 2 loss and three wins, we stood at 9th rank while Japan took the 10th rank of the standing table. China as a strong team of Asia won the bronze medal. We were aware that we do not have luck among the top 16 teams in the world, we were just for achieving experience and readiness for the Para Asian games of Jakarta.

Eventually, due to good performance and experience of 12 players at the world championship. we preferred to keep them as the main players in the Para Asian Championship of Indonesia.

Team Rejuvenation

In fact, the team combination has changed, 70% of the team compound has been changed. Young players have entered into the team. we have three players with a higher age than the other players. The average age of our team is 25 years old. Supporting the women’s volleyball team is the policy of Veterans and Disabled Sports Federation, the expectation is moving this team step by step to the equal level of the men’s national team.

Creation of Youthfulness requires a lot of patience and tolerance.

Para Asian Games

In Jakarta for being well prepared, we were having training sessions during the morning and evening, training was gym train and ball practice. Our first game was with Japan. We took the game by 3-0, it was a tough game, but we were able to beat them with an extreme effort. The next game with Indonesia was that the team was relatively good, but it was not hard as China and Japan. You know that Japan was a powerful team for our kids. Generally, China and Japan are the Asian powers. Particularly the Chinese team in the women’s division are the best in all disciplines, including the Olympics and Paralympics. We defeated Japan 3-1 in the qualifying round. We defeated Japan in the second round with a very nice game. The game finished 3 – 1 in favour of our team.

The kids did not let Japanese do anything, we got the game with wide discrepancy from them. Both games were beautiful. Once again I can say that Japan is not weak. On the first day of the tournament, those who had seen the game would admit my saying. In all games, our kids played with good motivation, high and strong efforts. Our goal was consolidating this position. In fact, the World Championships of the Netherlands helped us so much. We also became familiar with the spirit of our young players, and we were able to control the morale of ourselves in critical situations. This tournament provided job of several camps for us. 

The Deficiencies

Combination of young players with rather aged and experienced players gives a good result for us. But the Federation’s policy is still going towards youthfulness, talent and good physical figure. Lack of body physical and high speed are our problems. These two factors are on the Chinese team. I hope this trend would continue. Our kids need more investment and support, and they are in need of having more tournaments. Our next upcoming tournament is the Asian Championship, which will take place in May 2019 in Thailand.


I would like to ask all the sports lover public to support us and these dear girls who are champion angels and not deprive them of their pray. I request the responsible authorities to pay special attention to the sports community of disabled athletes. Because from nearby and closely we see them, we witness that these lovable ones with what torment, and with what great effort and motive are fighting to earn these medals.

As far as we say, they are capable, impressive and full of effort, but we can not deny that they are disabled and it is natural that, this infirmity has an effect on them. When we work with them, we see this disability. But since we are working with them, we saw this disability. Closely we see their pains and wounds. When they walk or play they use brace and prostheses. So they do work motivated and struggled. In this case, we have to ignore all their body decreases and only consider their abilities. Only, look at their problems as they themselves look at those. Do not have a pessimistic look. These are just the wishes of the kids and their greatest demands. Seeing their strengths and abilities gives them energy and we can work better with them. I hope to see these not only these girls but also all our handicaps over the first step of the championship platform. We never would stop from supporting them if they bring or not bring medals for us. 

And the Silver Medal

One of the positive points of the tournament was that medal which came to us for the first time, two games of women’s volleyball with China and Japan in the semi-finals and final were broadcast live from the television sports network and from the radio, and this is very valuable and very exceptional. We realized the value of broadcast from people ‘s tracking. I hope that this trend will continue by efforts of all the athletes. And endeavour of women athletes and these girls would