Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games



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  • Final Rankings can be found in the results section of this site.
  • Iran and China top Asia’s sitting volleyball in both Men’s and Women’s competition.
  • At the 3rd attempt (Shanghai, 2007, Guangzhou, 2010), Iranian Women finally overcome Japan Women to qualify for the Paralympic Games.
  • Korea (hosts) and Sri Lanka début in women’s Asian Para Games sitting volleyball tournament.

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▲  21일 송림체육관에서 열린 2014인천장애인아시안게임 좌식배구 남자 예선 B조 경기에 출전한 한국이 중국을 상대로 일전을 펼치고 있다. 이날 경기에서 한국은 중국에 1-3(13-25, 14-25, 25-21, 17-25)로 패배 준결승 진출에 실패했다. 한국은 22일 오전 11시 일본과 5~6위 자리를 놓고 순위 결정전을 펼친다.
Origins and introduction to Korea
  • Volleyball Sitting was introduced from the Seoul Paralympics in 1988. Hosted by the Korea Polio Association, the national Volleyball Sitting was first held in Korea in 1993 and it quickly became popular during the 1990s. The domestic Volleyball Sitting teams were established focusing on large cities and currently, 23 teams (17 teams for male and 3 teams for female) are registered in the Korea Volleyball Association for Disabled.
Paralympics and Asian Para Games
  • The first appearance of Volleyball Sitting in the Paralympics was from Arnhem Paralympics in 1980. Later, women’s Volleyball Sitting was included as a regular event in Athens 2004 Paralympics. From the Busan FESPIC Games in 2002, it was included as a regular event of the Asian Games.
Highest-ranking countries
  • In Asia, Iran is considered to be the powerhouse for the men’s Volleyball Sitting (No. 1 in world rankings) while China is the dominant nation for the women’s Volleyball Sitting (No. 1 in world rankings).

Korea’s sitting volleyball medal record

Event Medal Remark
Gold Silver Bronze
1994 Beijing FESPIC Games 1
1998 Bangkok FESPIC Games 1
2002 Busan FESPIC Games 1